private fee guide 2010

At Ennerdale House we believe prevention is much better and cheaper than cure. Two trips to the dentist a year can prevent you from any nasty oral health problems. You can simply pay as you go or to make some great savings on treatments, join one of our Ennerdale Foundation Plans. For example:

Foundation Plan 1 save 10% on most treatments and have the cost of x-rays included.

Foundation Plan 2 save 15% on most treatments and have the cost of x-rays included.

TreatmentPay as you goFoundation Plans
£13.95pm £21.75pm
£167.40 pa £261.00pa
Examination-regular attender£40.002x pa incl 2x pa incl
Full case assessment-complicated treatment plan
(inclusive of follow up discussion)
Periodontal treatment
Scale, polish and oral hygiene instruction£452x pa incl 4x pa incl
Treatment of chronic gum disease under local anaesthetic from £90
Amalgam£70.00 - £140.0010% disc15% disc
Composite£95.00 - £165.0010% disc15% disc
Pin retention£10.0010% disc15% disc
Root fillings £270.00 - £475.0010% disc15% disc
Crowns£475.00 - £575.0010% disc15% disc
Core build-up£65.00 - £85.0010% disc15% disc
Cast post and core£95.0010% disc15% disc
Direct post£80.0010% disc15% disc
Partial dentures£350.00 - £475.0010% disc15% disc
Full upper or lower£600.0010% disc15% disc
Full upper and lower£750.0010% disc15% disc
Bridgework (per unit)£475.00 - £500.0010% disc15% disc
Extractionsfrom £90.0010% disc15% disc
Surgical extractionfrom £220.0010% disc15% disc
Apicetomyfrom £270.0010% disc15% disc
Implantsfrom £2,000.00 - £2,500.0010% disc15% disc
Bone augmentationfrom £35010% disc15% disc
Tooth whitening£375.0010% disc15% disc
Veneers (per tooth)£575.0010% disc15% disc
Smile Design Dentistry
Smile Design Consultation
(Extensive examination including x-rays, impressions, photographs, facial measurements and follow up discussion)
£385.0010% disc15% disc
Smile Design
(Price Guide £3,000.00 £8,000.00 dependant on number of teeth involved)
P.O.A10% disc15% disc
Sport Guard£45.00 - £65.0010% disc15% disc
Call out fee£85.0010% disc15% disc
Emergency pain relieffrom £60.0010% disc15% disc

Cosmetic Centre

Wrinkle reducing injections using Botox 195.00 300.00
Wrinkle softening fillers using softline or Juvaderm 300.00

All prices subject to Ennerdale House terms and conditions.