Meet Our hygienist

Eeva Silvennoinen

Eva Silnennoinen

Hello, my name is Eeva and Iím from Finland, where I studied and trained first in dental nursing and then as a hygienist. I graduated from Helsinki Health Care College in 1995.

I have now enjoyed 14 years as a dental hygienist. I always like a challenge and coming to England to work has been a great experience for me. I have been here three years and I love it. I have now enrolled on a tooth whitening course in London to offer the latest most predictable techniques.

My hobbies are walking, skiing and cooking. I like to be outside in the fresh air and enjoy beautiful views. One of my new challenges is learning to play golf, hopefully soon I can start to play and see more of that lovely English landscape. Many people ask me what I miss most from Finland. I guess I miss the feeling when out walking in freezing cold weather and you can hear the snow crunching under your shoes! and you can go to the hot sauna and relax..........

It is vitally important to keep your gums and lining of your mouth as healthy as your teeth. Professional hygiene treatment will ensure that you learn the best ways to achieve and maintain excellent oral hygiene. Helping you to keep your teeth for life.