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Treatment Information in Pictures

Please view the animations and pictures for of some of the procedures that we do at Ennerdale House. Please call the practice on 01275 891820 if you have any questions on any treatments.

Cosmetic treatment pictures

Please view the testimonials from patients who have received various cosmetic treatments.


“Wow - what a difference a few tiny Botox (vistabel) injections make. My crows feet have disappeared and I look so much fresher. All my friends tell me how well I look but they don't know why. The treatment was very quick and I hardly felt it. I would definitely have it done again as repeated treatments make the effects last longer. This is better than any anti-wrinkle facecream. I would recommend it to anyone”.




“I always hated my frown lines between my eyebrows which always made me look cross even when I wasn’t. I had some Botox (vistabel) and a small amount of filler and the lines have gone. It is a lovely soft effect and I am so glad I had it done. I feel more confident especially as I am getting married soon and the photos should make me look as happy as I am”.




“I had some Juvederm filler placed in the lines around my nose and mouth. The treatment was not nearly as uncomfortable as I thought it might be. Alyson put some numbing cream on my skin first and then gently injected the filler into the lines. I am delighted with the results. The effects are soft and subtle and I feel great”.