Snoring Devices and Mouthguards

Snoring Devices

If you wake up tired and irritable every day, or worse your partner does, it may be that your snoring is affecting your relationship!

The SLEEPEEZE device is a cleverly designed double mouthguard. The dentist will take accurate impressions of your teeth and fit the sleepeeze which gently brings the lower jaw forward to open the airway as you sleep.

There are a number of advantages of the Sleepeeze:

  • Tissue vibration is decreased or completely prevented
  • Each Silensor is custom made
  • You can still move your lower jaw
  • The Sleepeeze will not prohibit your breathing in any way
  • There is no need for any operation or surgery

If you have a full set of natural teeth, the silensor is very easy to make, however if you have dentures, your dentist will assess whether it is suitable.


Any colour, any pattern, you tell us- we’ll make it. There is no substitute for a custom made mouthguard if you take part in contact sports. From accurate impressions of your teeth, our laboratory will make a well fitting comfortable mouthguard so you can get on with your match. All are provided in protective case and name insert.