DENTAL EXAMINATION - Innovation leading the way

1. Visit your dentist regularly
Regular examinations enable us to find potential problems early. This minimises your treatment and puts you in control.
2. See a hygienist
The very best way to keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape! The hygienist will work with you so that you learn all the tricks to keep your mouth healthy for life.
3. Buy an electric toothbrush
We love brushes with a two minute timer! There is no short cut to removing plaque and debris from your teeth. Be thorough, be consistent, be healthy.
4. Think about what you eat and drink
High carbohydrate and sugary snacks, drinks especially if consumed frequently might xxxxx tooth rot to set in. Ask us for more details.
5. Do not eat or drink after brushing at night
Donít give the bugs any fuel to feed on overnight, only have water after brushing before going to bed!